Multiplayer sessions

The following table shows all running sessions on the Sail Simulator 5 multiplayer server. Click a session to show more information about that session.

Type Name Best time Status Players
Open W50 Tazacorte Idle 2/8
Georganiseerd Ph Cup MaxWild Stopped 1/12
Open V70-11-20 Super Regatta Puntagorda Idle 0/8
Open V70-5-15 Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open V70-1-20 Tazacorte Idle 0/12
Open V70-4-20 Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open V70-2-20 Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open V70-6-20 Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open V70-10-20 dartevissi Idle 0/8
Open V70-9-20 Upwind Trim Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open V70-3-20 Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open V70-7-20 Tazacorte Idle 0/8
Open One Nautical Mile Race LLE Idle 0/8
Open Cabrera BAY Ladial Race1 KIYOTO Idle 0/3
Open Cabrera BAY Laser Race4 KIYOTO Idle 0/3
Open Cabrera BAY 29er Race1 KIYOTO Idle 0/3
Open Cabrera BAY 29er Race2 KIYOTO Idle 0/3
Open Cabrera BAY Hobie16 Race1 KIYOTO Idle 0/3
Open Matchrace 0,5nm. KIYOTO Idle 0/2
Open menelinki gurÄ… Lars_DEN Idle 0/12
Open Treasure Island Laser *sail* Idle 0/12
Open DEMO Session#2 Open Class Race whitelunchbag Idle 0/12
Open DEMO Session#1 Short Race Frulloman 4286 Idle 0/12
Multiplayer Statistics
29er KIYOTO 726
420 KIYOTO 595
470 KIYOTO 4243
flash Jamieson 256
hobie16 KIYOTO 446
hobietiger KIYOTO 1445
laser Jamieson 57167
laserradial KIYOTO 654
nacrainfusion KIYOTO 1336
open70 jfs83 2205
optimist KIYOTO 236
polyvalk KIYOTO 142
rib KIYOTO 843
splash KIYOTO 274
valk KIYOTO 307
other Jamieson 2430
Winners last race:
1. ITA-948
2. MaxWild
Users online: 3
Users racing: 1
Races started: 790015
Boats finished: 1006041
Country ranking:
United Kingdom 70807
Japan 22109
Anguilla 12236