Try-out virtual sailing with Sail Simulator 5

Try-out virtual sailing with Sail Simulator 5. Download the Free Demo here!

Multiplayer Statistics
Overall Last race
1. Jamieson1. MaxWild
2. KIYOTO2. ITA-948
3. LLE
Users online: 3
Users racing: 3
Races started: 790014
Boats finished: 1006037
Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe

Stentec's new Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe is now available! Sail Simulator 5 Deluxe is a combination of Sail Simulator 5 and Boatset 1 add-on. Sail 17 boats in 5 landscapes. Join the rapidly growing community and experience the most realistic sail simulator ever.

Ranking system for new Sail Simulator 5

The testing of the ranking system for Sail Simulator 5 have been successful. Within a couple of days more than hundred races have been sailed with about 50 sailors from several countries. Have a look at the Player Ranking lists under community.

The size of a multiplayer package has been reduced with up to a factor 7. This means that 4 full sessions of 16 ships of the 470 class can be sailed simultaniously. Also the number of sessions on which you can log-in has been doubled until 32.

A new Sail Simulator has been released with some modifications. Now the mainsail twist of the VOR70 can be adjusted for more speed. Racing statistic has been placed on the homepage with full honour to the class leaders and the top3 of the last sailed race..

Five hints for a high score
  • Race against many strong, high score sailors.
  • The winner gets additional points.
  • On a course of 4 times the length, you will earn twice the number of points.
  • Also if a race stops before you can finish, you will get points. How much depends how far you did come. So, don't give up and sail until the race stops.
  • Start at least once a week otherwise you will lose 10% of your score.

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